Pushing Content Faster with PubSubHubbub

PubSubHubbub is an open communication protocol that connects publishers, subscribers and hubs seamlessly together. PubSubHubbub is a great extension of services like ATOM and RSS by adding push notifications for new data on these feeds without requiring much resources from the server or client during the exchange.


Every member of DashBurst has their own RSS feed to syndicate their content to subscribers and now these content feeds also generate real-time notifications using PubSubHubbub to alert subscribing services (hubs) like Flipboard and Feedly when their new content is published. The service can also help post URLs get indexed faster by search engines as Google recommends using both RSS and sitemaps to best represent the structure of a site and alert them when new posts are available.

PubSubHub is now enabled for everyone on DashBurst and will take effect for all new Bursts published with subscribers going forward.

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